I am currently a senior at Cornell University pursuing a degree in Computer Science. My technical interests include systems programming, systems security, functional programming, FOSS, and fiddling with emacs.

My non-technical interests include Japanese language and culture, Aikido, nordic skiing, tuba playing, and productivity hacking. My favorite genre of music is chiptunes.

I am currently seeking full-time employment. My resume can be found here.

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GSoC Update: Week 6

  Tags: mirage ocaml unikernel gsoc

This week in GSoC: REST APIs and their specifications!

GSoC Update: Week 5

  Tags: mirage ocaml unikernel gsoc

Notes on some blockers I encountered over my family vacation.

GSoC Update: Weeks 3 and 4

  Tags: mirage ocaml unikernel gsoc

The first month of GSoC is already over! Time for some updates on my progress.

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